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La Source Experience


A tonic for the body and the spirit!

A great massage is a wonderful conclusion to an enjoyable period of relaxation. What could be better than giving yourself this precious period of freedom, this personal benefit?

Select the massage that’s right for you:

Relaxation Massage

This massage eases any tension in your body by alternating gentle and deep manipulation. The emphasis is on relaxation and soothing any pain. Its calming, beneficial action is appropriate for both active and sedentary people. The aim of this massage is to generate a feeling of complete relaxation and benefit.

Therapeutic Massage

The therapeutic massage penetrates deep to banish tension, stimulate muscle groups, normalize blood circulation, soothe pain and ease muscle spasms. This massage focuses on the specific areas of the body that require greater attention.

Hot Stone Massage

Through the heat and energy they release, basalt stones induce relaxation that is intense and stimulating. This massage encourages the elimination of toxins by increasing circulation in the body’s blood, lymphatic and energy systems. The texture of the stones is both smooth and exfoliating.

La Source Signature

La Source Signature is a deep and relaxing, revivifying and energizing massage. A duration of 90 minutes that consists of fluid, generous and enticing movements inspired by the Myofascial, Lomi-Lomi, Californian and Swedish massage techniques.

The integration of hot oil and basalt Stone adds a touch of warmth and confort. This is for anyone who wishes to have a unique and different experience.

Massage Excellence... to disconnect from everyday life.

Outdoor massage

Now offered at LA SOURCE BAINS NORDIQUES, OUTDOOR massage pair. Enjoy deep relaxation in the midst of the forest…

All massages should be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy, a time when the fetus is stabilizing.
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Upon request, receipts for insurance purposes can be issued by our therapists.
All our therapists are members of a professional association.

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