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Nordic baths

Imagine an immense feeling of wellbeing, of fulfilment… Relaxation that stimulates cardiac function, and promotes blood circulation, the elimination of toxins and skin cleansing.

The Nordic baths are all this and more! They provide a much-needed break, and a rest that’s beneficial for the body and the spirit.


Within a few hours, you will alternate between hot (steam bath, dry sauna, thermal waterfall and outdoor hot tubs) and cold (Nordic waterfall, Nordic baths or the pleasure of snow), and then go on to benefit from our indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, offering you a unique panorama from within the mountain itself!

You should plan on spending about 3 to 4 hours in relaxation in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the Nordic baths. Reservations are not required for this service. Swimsuits are obligatory; sandals and robes are recommended. You will be provided with two towels and a locker key with your entry to the Nordic baths.

Please note that Nordic baths are not recommended for pregnant women, people with cardiac or respiratory problems, or those suffering from diabetes or hypertension. The advice of a doctor is recommended.

Relaxing in the Nordic baths provides a moment of grace that’s well deserved!

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